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What is ESUNA?

ESUNA means a healthy lifestyle!

It’s about a well-being, balance, it’s about the things that you consider fun.

Take a look at what other people consider to be ESUNA:


Health is the physical, mental and social well-being.

Whoever wants a long and happy life has to take action in order for it to happen!


Take a look at this and see the activities of other ESUNA members.

Find great inspirations, collect impressions or simply enjoy yourself with the well-being of others.


There are many tutorials and everybody knows it best.

The fundamentals of ESUNA is all about this: scientific research.

This means: everything we recommend makes sense.

Every change starts with a first step.

ESUNA means living health

There is no benefit without you doing something for it. If you want to feel the joy and happyness of your everyday life, you can organize that yourself. We give you necessary informations for your health or how to better the lifes of others on the ESUNA-Lifestyle portal

Sports & Fitness
Healthy Food
Stress management & Relax
Regeneration & Sleep
Healthy Children
Healthy with Age
Addiction Prevention

Health courses

If you want to change something, this is the place where you get the support you need.

We offer you courses to learn specific methods and techniques for an even healthier lifestyle. You can learn a multitude of different relax processes, how to quit smoking, to deal with stress, loosing weight or how to improve your fitness. Take a look!

Corporate health

Healthy employees = happy employees = healthy company

Do good and talk about it. It’s in the nature of things that every organization wants the best for its members. Every single one wants to feel well themselfs. So why not work together to achieve that? We show you and your company how to do that.

Trainer licenses

Become a trainer, consultant or a coach!

Here you can make your hobby into a job. With our established trainings you can become the top professional. To learn from the best means in most cases to also offer the best.